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Rules for Stock pictures by Selunia

My stock is free to use for any deviantART member - just follow this simple rules:


- Credit me and link back to my stock or (if you can't find it) link back to my deviantART site

- Note me with a link to your work (I want to have a look and :+fav: it)

- Faving my stock picture is not a must but it's highly appreciated :heart:

- Free use for dA contests and prints
  (If you sell a lot of prints you could think about a little 'thank you' ;)

- You may use it on other websites for non-commercial purposes.
  If you post your works on other sites you have to credit me and link back to my deviantART site

- You don't have to ask for permission to post your work on:
  - other art galleries
  - personal websites
  - myspace
  - facebook and other social communities.
- Again - don't forget to credit and link back!
- However this does not mean that you are allowed to upload my Stock Picutres anywhere!
   This are my works and I am the only one to upload them anywhere!

- For commercial use please contact me.
  It's most likely that I will say yes, but I really want to know what my Stock is used for!

- Use for premade Backgrounds is allowed, but don't just change the colour and call it a premade!


- Do NOT use my stock if you're only going to do minor changes like
  - changing hue/saturation
  - texture overlay
  - only put a border around the picture
  - etc.

- Improper use is forbidden. Don't use my stock for
  - pornographic (artistic nudity is allowed)
  - illegal
  - racism
  - excessive violence
  - violence or cruelty against animals or children

- You are not allowed to post my stock on any other website.

Any questions? Please contact me.
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January 31, 2012


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